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Zoho Analytics

Total Access Health Ltd.

Total access health was looking for a creative partner to help us build better integrated solutions across Zoho One. We initially started working with Istvan in February 2019 and have been thrilled with the support and solutions provided. We have customised our CRM, automated countless manual processes and built new applications from the ground up that seamlessly fit in with the other applications in the Zoho suite. We regularly get told by new employees that the systems we have are so simple in comparison with the sectors they have come from (NHS, prisons, real estate). It makes training incredibly easy and significantly reduces the risk of human error! Overall, this has been one of the most profitable investments we have made for the business.

Total Access Health

Anomaly Design – Organizing my client and project list

I contacted Istvan to help me organize my client and project list. I was looking for a better way to manage my projects, and track my time.

I contacted him because I knew he was an authorized Zoho distributor, and wanted someone who could set me up and train me on the features that would best optimize my specific situation.

We had several training sessions, and I was very satisfied at the personalized service and understanding my specific challenges.

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