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ZenCarl is a high-tech marketing agency. Specialized in business automation for small and medium sized companies.

The main goal of the business automation is to pay out the monoton, repeating, and administrational tasks. It makes possible for the participants of the business to do creative, value creating work. This makes the ultimate advantage for a company.

The second focus of the automation can be to increase productivity, balancing the performance, creating scalable structure and finally, cutting the costs.

The main issue with medium sized companies is that they are often captured by everyday fire fighting and forget the importance of continous improvement, while this should be the real goal.

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Automation Consultation

Would you like to have a self-working company, just don’t know where to start? Start here with gathering the information from the best possible source. We give you 1 hour free automation consultation, to kick you off.

HR Automation

Tired of wasting money for recruitment without success?  We give you self-working recruit system what will gather, filter and educate your best future co-workers.

Client Support Systems

Customer satisfaction is in danger? Your company is facing with enourmeus number of questions and threads?

Try this: Collaborative support systems what will pump up your customer satisfaction and the productivity of your support team.

Automatic sales funnels

Do less, earn more. With sophisticated and customized CRM system it is easy to sell your products or services. We introduce to you the next level: CRM system works for your company to optimise your efforts.

Building a marketing arsenal

There was a time when the competitive advantage was in the company that was able to pay an experienced marketer. This era is over. Today, you can gain a competitive edge by storing the most data from your customers and making decisions based on them.

Data-driven marketing is the key to your business’s future success. We give you a system for this, what a multinational company would be envious too.

Full enterprise automation

If you are really interested in the end result and do not want to immerse yourself in the details, then trust your experts.

We will review your company and identify all the points on which processes can be optimized and automated.

Hang on because we are creating your business version 2.0.


Károly István Kovács


Hi, I’m Zen, founder of ZenCarl. The follower of the Quantified Self movement, technology fanatic. My passion is to find solutions to complex problems. Whether you want to build any complex system, you can be sure that it will be the greatest pleasure for me to create.

Zsófia Németh

Business Process Manager

I’m Zsófia Németh, but you can call me Zosophie. I develope business automation systems for small and medium-sized businesses and built websites. My goal is to make business operations more efficient and automatic, by building a transparent corporate system tailored to their workflows. With a customer-centered approach, I consider it very important to create a user-friendly system.

 Zsolt Dávid Kiss

Developement Team Leader

Hi, I’m David.
I am developing customized solutions for our customers, creating new method’s for everyday use. I have always dreamed of overcoming great challanges and tasks. In the always evolving, dynamic world of Information Technology,I found myself everyday challenged.Every aspect of my work needs my constant curiosity and knowledge, to push myself further and further.

András Szűcs

Business Process Developer

I’m Andras Szucs, and I joined the team ZenCarl because I believe that the 21st century is a good company no one should have to perform redundant, monotonous work. Connecting IT applications wisely, they are assembled into an automated system, so we can achieve this. If I can make someone else’s life more efficient and comfortable, it makes me happy.





they said

about us

Éva Fazekas

“The relationship between Cromkontakt Kft and ZenCarl has been fruitful for years.

I liked the system thinking, that is why I chose them.

It has been shown how a good idea can be realized by not only supporting our customers, but also by supporting production.

I always get solutions that go beyond current things and make our company more valuable.

I think I’m in good hands. With them everything is so simple, understandable and professional.
Who wouldn’t want to work with such a company?!
I think it’s not a question. “


Founder / Creative Director

Anomaly Design

“I contacted Istvan to help me organize my client and project list. I was looking for a better way to manage my projects, and track my time.

I contacted him because I knew he was an authorized Zoho distributor, and wanted someone who could set me up and train me on the features that would best optimize my specific situation.

We had several training sessions, and I was very satisfied at the personalized service and understanding my specific challenges.”

Szabolcs Horváth

“With our collaboration with ZenCarl in May 2018, we discovered the inexhaustible and wasteful applications that we insisted upon. In addition to cost-cutting, our proactive work has led to new processes in customer support, sales, project planning, and systematization of incoming requests that provide significant support. With Zoho One’s additional applications, we are rethinking the details of email marketing and questionnaire, and the most beautiful thing we’ve been trying to do from the outset is to control it from a common database. Software background support is therefore now the most comprehensive solution for us.”

Our values


We deliver automated online remote controllable solutions. As a remote agency, our memberbs work at different parts of the world. We believe in our solutions, so much, that ZenCarl agency relies on them too completly.


As master of automation we create problem solving systems for complex SMBs on affordable prices, what can be table turning in your market.


Technology changes fast, and it changes everything. Sometimes it is very challenging to keep yourself updated. But not for us. We thrive for new technologies, constantly testing them to be able to deliver the most effective fresh technologies.


Automation did not chose us, we choose automation. We only hire and work with people who are passionate about their creations.

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How do you describe a good marketing colleague? All successfully growing companies will sooner or later, but definitely arrive at the moment when further development can be achieved through team expansion.


Why is it called Zoho? Where do the Zoho products develop? Which  four new apps will the Zoho toolbar be added soon? Will these applications be available?

Instagram Automation - Ninjagram

NinjaGram came at the best moment as Instagram has more than 300 million active users and their number is expanding.

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